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Gotta catch 'em all!

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What is it?

Moemon (literally Moekko Monsters) is a romhack over the third generation (Hoenn region) Pokemon games featured on the Game Boy Advance. While requiring several downloadable patches to work correctly on an emulator, there is no real plot change, the entire game is simply moe personifications of PokÃmon. Originally made for the FireRed version, it has since gained popularity to move onto other versions like Emerald. Unfortunately, at least for the fans the game has, Moemon is currently only limited to GBA ROM hacks of FireRed and Emerald, no DS hacks such as the Sinnoh and Johto remakes have been shown to be in production at all.

What is it about?

It's Pokemon! With cute girls replacing the monsters!

Where can I download it?

The latest version for Ruby can be found here, while Emerald can be found here, and FireRed can be found here.

Update: Thanks to @Saikou, the Emerald patch should be working fine now. If anyone has any problems with the links, remember to just leave a message in the thread.

Installation notes

Quote:1. Download Lunar IPS. Or don't.

2. Download a clean Pokemon ROM

3. Download this patch.

4. Open up Lunar IPS and click apply patch.

5. Select the ROM and patch, and click OK when it tells you it was successful.

6. Make sure you set the Save Type on your emulator to 128k, or else the game will not start. To do this on VBA, go to Options>Emulator>Save Type>128k

7. Play Pokemon with the ADORABLE new sprites!

(01-03-2015, 07:45 AM)Senpai Wrote: JIPS is a patcher written in Java, for those of us that aren't on Windows (it still works on Windows though).

Credits to this thread and this thread for installation notes, updating the patches and keeping the Moemon community alive in general.

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JIPS is a patcher written in Java, for those of us that aren't on Windows (it still works on Windows though).