Mizutama Honey Boy

by Shole

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10-23-2015, 05:28 AM
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Can I get an NYAAAAN for the role switch in this manga…no one…really?


The girl falls for the emotionless captain of the kendo team, that all the other girls love and she starts to make him bentos and other sweets and stuff like that…except this time it’s the guy who falls in love with the emotionless girl captain of the kendo team and he stats to make things for her. Cute story, but really is the generic love stories found in most of the mangas of this genre. The difference maker is how we see the story from both the guy and the girls perspective and how the characters are really enjoyable to follow around. Not like a stalker…you can’t stalk fictional characters, if you could most of you would talk to me in our jail cell.


Most interesting couple so far after the one in Last Game that should have happened 25 chapters ago, at least.

Fuji Shirou – He is a really feminine guy with a bright personality that ether makes you instantly like him or want to kill him. I kinda feel confused by him because he is switching from feminine to extremely masculine to gay…which makes it funny at times. Loving the captain of the kendo team ain’t easy, but this guy goes for it. You go  guy!
(Sounded so freaking in my mind but I wrote it down anyway)

Mei Sengoku – A beauty and a hero-like character in real life…in real life of the manga. She is rather dense when it comes to love and as all dense MC’s she explains her heart beating faster as some health issue. It’s freaking lovely how they have a connection, but let’s not spoil everything with my dreams.

And of course Nanao:
[Image: 687474703a2f2f74686577726974696e67687574...6f2e706e67]

This guy is the definition of a third wheel that makes 95% of the comedy in this manga. He is super strong and was the former kendo captain before Sengoku beat him. I won’t spoil you why he calls Fuji his boyfriend, but trust me it’s worth the read.


Ike Junko has a very interesting drawing style that creates beautiful characters and can catch their expressions pretty good. I was very interested in other works after I read this manga, but I was a bit dissapointed in the Sora No Yousei manga on which I will do a first impression shortly.

Personal Enjoyment:


Just kidding, I loved it. If you read any of my previous first impressions and reviews you know I am a sucker for emotionless characters and romance. This one fits my taste perfectly! Plus it had Nanao who made me laugh every time he appeared in the spotlight.
A clear recommendation for those of you out there who are into romance and comedy.

My Rating:
[Image: 687474703a2f2f74686577726974696e67687574...792e706e67]