The Sadist's Room Mirai Nikki - Part 2

by Kiss of Death

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12-24-2015, 07:52 PM
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The following is not a full review, but rather an expansion of the original review which can be found here.

To be perfectly honest, I really want to write lots of text here, but considering most of it would be praises copypasted from other reviews, I'll just keep it short and to the point. The art of this anime is really something I could call worthwhile. It's not special in any way, and yet it's on the good level as any 2011 anime should. The music, however, is a completely different story, since it forced me to get the whole soundtrack used in this anime post-haste. Great and fitting the action pieces, completed by awesome openings and endings (Faylan's Engrish was a tad much, I admit, but Yousei Teikoku can really make you hypnotized). Just in case you want to see, I'll leave you all the three openings here.
Kuusou Mesorigiwi
Blood Teller
Kyouki Chinden

As I said before, the setting is a great element of this anime and makes for an indulging watch, regardless of what you're looking for in an anime. Leaving aside all the complaints I already stated, let's focus more on the plot. This anime is a box full of fireworks, and if you fire each one, you'll discover how different and nicely it explodes. Apart from the main story, that takes up the whole night sky in its beautiful dance of colorful lights, there's many small firecrackers that the show wouldn't feel complete without. Each of them has a different taste and adds its small take on the story, unveiling the truth about characters you wouldn't know otherwise - it feels almost as if somebody was directing it from the observe- *akhem* sorry, no more theory nonsense. The point is simple and straight up, the plot is one of the strong points this anime has to offer, and the backstories only add to it.
There's a whole wikia regarding the characters, so I won't bother writing about each of them separately, but I'll just say the Seventh, Ninth and Twelfth were my absolutely favourite characters of the show. If you don't know what I mean, just give this show a go, it doesn't hurt.

In the end, it's all a matter of preference, but I'm sure I can safely state that you can give it a watch with no prior prejudices. If you've been hesitant to see it, now's your chance, and if you saw it already, you probably agree with me. Well, probably. There are small tastes here and there that only surface after giving them a lot of thought, but I won't say anything about that not to ruin your experience uncovering the secrets.
If you want my opinion on this anime, however, I'll just let you know I've been using the diary shift sound as the text message alert for three years now. And whenever I say something bad about this anime, this sound just reminds me of how well-executed this was and how I really felt the first time through.

Judgement: PAX VESANIA

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12-25-2015, 03:00 AM
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I personally dislike this anime with a burning pleasure but i'm sure others find it good...

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12-28-2015, 02:39 PM
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Mirai was a fickle thing, with a pace that makes you think that a 5 year old jecked up on pop rox managed it. No, WE GOTTA GO FAST!! Oop, too fast now time to go slooooooooooooooooow, now we're at the end so FAST FAST FAST! The pacing really breaks up the feel as you go in at ludicrous speed between episode 1 to 3, and then they hit the next arc and everything just goes down into mush, then it picks up again and slows right back down when they introduce Aru. The pacing is so bad, if it were a fireworks show, everyone would have left. Except no one did, why? Because of Yuno. The show really feels like if Yuno were not in it, it would just fade into obscurity. Mostly all the other characters are bland and tasteless but Yuno, at the time, was a new rarity. Basically everything is just revolving around her instead of the MC, and thats the second problem with this anime. It could have been done much better without the use of shitty archetypes and generic overused personalities. (and of course, take away the 5 year olds pop rox and give it some alka-selser). The events leading up to that great but a bit to fast ending just spoiled it for me sadly, and it wasnt until redial that I felt a bit better about the series. Also, why the hell do you make a seperate OVA out of a canon and VERY essential part of a series? No idea. So theres my thoughts.

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