Making a Pokemon Team!

by Akko

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So few of you asked how to make a team and what you should be putting on to your pokemon. Well here I will show you how to make a decent Pokemon and what you should be looking for.

Getting Started:

So First you will need to go to Team Builder over here:

Click + New Team

Then you are going to select a format: I would recommend anything goes because that is what I will challegening people on and if we are to have a tournament.

Team Building:

You have a large amount of choice when choosing your Pokemon, you can go for Pokemon you know and like, Overpowered Pokemon, Experiment with Pokemon do not be scared to try new things.

To show you how I would set up a Pokemon my chosen one will be Lucario. Just remember you can only use 1 Mega per game.

First move on to the moves, choose moves that will benefit you and your other Pokemon and stats.

Why I chose the moves:
Dark Pulse (For, Ghosts and Psychics)
Aura Sphere (STAB, Accuracy, Normals, Steels, Rocks, Ices and Darks)
Dragon Pulse (Dragons)
ExtremeSpeed (Priority you make the first move)

Now moving onto Evs and Nature: You choose what will benefit you in a fight.

Abilities and Items: choose abilities that will help you within the fight or gain a upper hand. Items work the same way and many items cure, give stat boosts and some can make things awkard for yourself such as choice bands.

When making a team think of counter abilities and weaknesses, if you can counter something that is x2 against you nothing will be able to get in your way.

 Few suggestions on good Pokemon apart from legendarys:

Good luck well making a team.

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