Lewd News - No. #7

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Here is the seventh issue of the Lewd News, written by the Writers group.

Sorry it's a little late again. People were busy again.

by @suicid3Panda

So Nintendo did a thing this past week! As I mentioned last time, Mario Maker was released. It's getting glowing reviews across the board from reviewers and fans alike. There are some who may even believe that this game was worth far more than its $60 price tag. Europe's largest video game retail chain, GAME, took it upon themselves to offer fans the ability to do just that! GAME has reportedly charged it's customers who preordered up to 5 times the actual retail cost. Many customers noticed the £234.95 ($265) charge appearing on their banking statements and were understandably upset. GAME has officially apologized for the error and promised a correction would take place within 24 hours.

In other pre-order news, Persona 5! The writing has been on the wall for a few months now, but Atlus officially announced that Persona 5 will be delayed until 2016. Many have probably noticed that there hasn't been any offerings of a collector's edition. This is certainly odd since publisher, Atlus USA, is the king of preorder bonuses, limited editions, and first run specials. A release delay certainly explains this as well as the reason behind next to no new news or trailers. Frankly, I'm grateful that I will have a chance to finish Fallout 4!

Lastly, this news was brought to me by the wonderful, @Lokorfi! Square Enix revealed Kingdom Hearts HD II.8 during the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan press conference at Tokyo Game Show 2015. This PS4 game, with its convoluted title, is a compilation of several other more convolutedly titled Kingdom Hearts games:
  • Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance HD
  • Kingdom Hearts X: Back Cover
  • Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -a fragmentary passage-
AHHHHH! Who names these things!?!?!


by @Nanashi

There's more.
Know Mysterious Joker? The anime about the thief who apparently can steal anything in the world? There were two seasons already... Know what, a third one has been green lit! I really wish they'd bring us the more meaningful continuations, but in Japan common sense apparently isn't a thing. Oh well. For those who watched the anime and liked it, it's good news, but no date has been given as of yet.

And again...
Remember my article from a while back? If anybody read it, anyway. It said something about anime adaptation of a manga that hasn't yet been finished. Guess what I dug out? A manga series that started in 2014, called Dagashi Kashi, will get an anime adaptation. What's curious is that it merely has two volumes to date, with the second one still ongoing. Doesn't sound like enough material for an anime... but then again, it's slice of life, so what could we expect? Here's the synopsis.
Quote:The story follows Kokonotsu, who does not want to inherit his family's rural candy store as his father wishes. A girl named Hotaru, who's crazy about small-time candy stores, appears at the store and repeatedly visits in order to convince him to take it over. The title means "Cheap Sweets Candy," which is also the name of a Japanese band, but read differently it could mean "However."

I trusted you...
God Eater, the anime I had really high hopes for, was scheduled to have 12 episodes. The way things are now, we can no longer be sure. I knew something was fishy, since the anime aired on a rather uncommon basis, featuring extra episodes every few weeks instead of normal episodes. Now it's confirmed that the episode airing next week, so 9th episode, will be the last one to appear on the TV. Its time slot on the TV will be taken by the premiering anime, Comet Lucifer. While it's not certain whether the anime will get further episodes outside of the TV, it still definitely is a bummer.

by @Kieru

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Issue #5: Sakuraburst

Bobby Stephenson is a young teenager from the United Kingdom, whom produces music under the alias of Sakuraburst. Under this alias Bobby produces numerous kinds of music from the upbeat and danceable 'Cyber', to his devastating collaboration with fellow friend and producer Morgan Hicks, formely known under an alternate alias as Shadient. This young producer's glitchy textures are the highlights of his productions, giving him what makes him unique. All in all Sakuraburst is turning up to be a trendsetter in a perhaps a new movement in the electronic music scene.

Sakuraburst on Soundcloud
Sakuraburst on Twitter
Sakuraburst on Tumblr

by @losi

Jim Keller, AMD痴 chief CPU architect, leaves the company
extremetech.com Wrote:Earlier this week, we reported on rumors that AMD’s Zen might have slipped into Q4 2016. Since then, we've heard he chip could actually launch in the Q1 2017 timeframe — and now, there’s further reason to think that  something  happened to AMD’s next-generation CPU timetable. Now, it’s been reported that Jim Keller, who returned to AMD to helm its new CPU after a stint with Apple, has left the company to “pursue other opportunities.”
Keller wasn’t just responsible for the Zen CPU architecture; he was also leading the team that designed AMD’s still-upcoming ARM-based K12 CPU, which isn’t expected to launch until 2017. AMD sought to downplay the impact of this announcement and told Hexus.net that “Jim’s departure is not expected to impact our public product or technology roadmaps, and we remain on track for “Zen” sampling in 2016 with first full year of revenue in 2017.” Mark Papermaster will now step in and head Keller’s team.

It's a bummer that Jim Keller left AMD. But that's not the whole story. Jim Keller was basically fired because the Zen architecture is coming in 6-7 months late. Therefore, he left on his own terms to keep his 'dignity'. I'm really excited about Zen but it's going to be delayed to 2016 because of his possible laziness on the project and that he now left AMD. Anyone have thoughts on this topic?

Google Chromecast 2 Possibly Confirmed
pcadvisor.co.uk Wrote:We already knew there would be a Chromecast 2, thanks to Mario Queiroz letting slip to Gigaom that the second-gen Chromecast would "give us a better opportunity to take full advantage of a large screen paired with a small screen".
However, more recently rumours of a Chromecast 2 have been fuelled by the fact two of the scheduled sessions at Google I/O 2015 reference the Chromecast - in particular 'Designing games for Google Cast' and 'Creating games with the Google Cast SDK'. Nevertheless, a Chromecast 2 was not mentioned in the Google I/O 2015 keynote.

Here is something interesting. Google has announced the Chromecast 2, the successor the popular Chromecast. It allows the user to connect a hdmi dongle to their tv/monitor and stream Youtube, Netflix and other apps to the tv directly. Some drawbacks were that it can't stream 4k, 1080p60fps, or 3d video. The big push for me is 1080p60fps. I NEED THAT MINIMUM 60FPS. Anyways, speculations are that the Chromecast 2 will support 4k and 1080p60fps. Fingers are crossed!

MSI and Corsair announce the GeForce GTX 980Ti SEA HAWK

hexus.net Wrote:MSI and Corsair announce the GeForce GTX 980Ti SEA HAWKAs you might expect, the MSI GeForce GTX 980Ti SEA HAWK combines MSI's graphics card engineering with Corsair's cooling technology. The particular cooler put to duty in this device is the Corsair H55 closed loop solution.

Corsair's cooler features a micro-fin copper base to facilitate efficient heat transfer. The H55 uses a high-speed circulation pump, an easy to install low-profile aluminium radiator plus a variable speed super silent 120mm fan. Another fan, built into the graphics card shroud, provides air cooling for the other critical components of the graphics card.As we postulated when teased by MSI last week, thanks to being equipped with a hybrid cooler, the GeForce GTX 980Ti SEA HAWK can run at much faster clock frequencies than standard GeForce GTX 980Ti variants.


HOLY SHIT. CORSAIR X MSI? It's true everyone. Msi and Corsair have teamed up for a kickass water-cooled 980ti. What's so 'cool' about this card? (Sorry for the bad pun) An interesting this about this card is it has a Corsair H50 120mm AIO watercooler attached to the gpu die of the card. It's also less expensive the EVGA Hybrid Cooler 980ti. It also has a kickass name imo.

Nvidia Pascal GP100 GPU has new Architecture and support for HBM2.0

wccftech.com Wrote:The TSMC 16nm FinFET node is probably the most notable process, that is of interest to PC enthusiasts. This is the node that will house Nvidia’s next generation lineup of graphic cards (specifically the “16FF+” variant) and is one of the most authentic indicators of their time-frame. Taipei Times, in accordance with everything we heard in the past, has confirmed that TSMC has (finally) started mass production of 16nm FinFET products. However, It is expected that the initial run will be dedicated for Apple SoCs.


Goddamnit Nivida. Why do you always have to get people hyped about your new architecture even if its years away? Anyways, from what the article says the dies are 16nm. Not much else is known, but that's fine. The 16nm dies are years away. The REAL thing this article shows is that the Pascal series gpus will have HBM2.0 video ram. I'll try to stay on top of the Pascal news. If any shows up, I'll be sure to include in my Weekly Tech News.

by @Neko

We reached 18k posts and 600 members.

We're now affiliated with lainchan, be sure to give lainchan a try! You might consider starting here. :3

There's not really much to report in the way of changes, I've been really focusing my efforts on coding an entirely new forum software for Lewd, you can keep track of my progress here: https://github.com/neko/ecchi

You might be asking, why move from MyBB? The main reason is, that I have to re-do all of the code I do to the MyBB core every time they release an update; which includes things like the work I've done to make our URL rewrites actually work, and the changes needed to make bcrypt hashing possible with MyBB.

With a forum software coded entirely by myself (and a few others, if people wanna contribute), we'll no longer be restricted by relying on the MyBB software.

Some nice threads:

weekly kitsune
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What actually happened with God Eater?

Also, I checked out Lainchan a while back. It's a pretty sweet site they got there.
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Thanks for mentioning Dagashi Kashi @Nanashi, it's one of the few recent gems I've found and it certainly deserves more attention.

And people are doling out doujins for it like no tomorrow.

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@suicid3Panda They most likely cut it short. Not sure if it'll affect the ending in terms of being rushed or not, since we still don't know how many episodes ufotable decides to produce. Pretty much - the TV reserved the time slot for another anime so after 27th September no new God Eater episodes will air, but ufotable didn't have their word on it yet.

@mis Ah, no worries. ^^ I dug it out one way or another, I plan to give the anime a go.

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(09-22-2015, 08:54 AM)Nanashi Wrote: @suicid3Panda They most likely cut it short. Not sure if it'll affect the ending in terms of being rushed or not, since we still don't know how many episodes ufotable decides to produce. Pretty much - the TV reserved the time slot for another anime so after 27th September no new God Eater episodes will air, but ufotable didn't have their word on it yet.

@mis Ah, no worries. ^^ I dug it out one way or another, I plan to give the anime a go.

I was wondering if they said anything about why it was cancelled. I wonder if it was lack of popularity, loss of budget, or corporate disagreements.  It's just odd to me because you saw this happen a LOT back in mid to late 90s where many anime didn't make it passed their pilot episode, but I haven't heard of this occurring in recent times.