Lewd News - No. #3

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Here is the third issue of the Lewd News, written by the Writers group.

by @suicid3Panda

Hey there, Lewd! You know about Tinder, right? It's that dating app that distills the process of finding romance down to the flick of a finger. Well, if actually involving yourself with real live people sounds daunting, Millennial Swipe Sim 2015 has got you covered.

This game can be played in your browser or on a mobile device. Playing it on your phone will provide the most authentic Tinder experience. Be sure to swipe fast enough so that you don't die of boredom!

Click here to play.

In other news, Metal Gear Solid 5 releases next week. Fuck Konami.

by @Nanashi

The second promo video of TG: Jack
That's right, yet another promo video of Tokyo Ghoul: Jack has been released. You can watch it here. For those of you who don't know, Jack will cover the backstory (or rather, the past) of Kishou Arima, the 'ace' of CCG. The OVA will be released in September.

Netoge's cast revealed!
Remember my article about Netoge no Yome wa Onna no Ko ja nai to Omotta? Well, Kadokawa has since released the cast for it. Toshiyuki Tonoyaga will voice Hideki Nishimura, Rina Hidaka will take the role of Ako Tamaki, Akane Segawa's character will be taken by Inori Minase and M.A.O. will be voicing Kyou Goshouin.  The names don't give you much, huh... well, let's just say the cast already starred in such series as Durarara, Sword Art Online, Love Live and Overlord (respectively).

Promo! Again?
You might have already watched Noragami. You know, the anime about that minor god striving to be more popular. In that case, you probably already know the second season, Noragami Aragoto, will air starting this October. But have you seen the new promo yet? You haven't? Well, now you have a chance, do it here.

by @Kieru

[Image: 687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f35...532e706e67]

Issue #3: Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson is an electronic musician from Chapel Hill, NC and is recognized as one of the top electronic artists of our time. Porter found his first love for music with Japanese rhythm games, his favorite as a child being Dance Dance Revolution. He recalls it being "the first music that he loved".

Porter's inspiration since then led him to creating music of his own from a very young age starting off with eurodance/handsup music at around the age of 13, and consistently putting out tracks under his first alias, Ekowraith.

Since then at the age of 17, Porter made his debut under his own name with the Electro single "Say My Name". The song hit the charts and in just a matter of days rose to all time #1 on the Beatport Electro charts. He since then went on to release multiple other singles such as "The Wildcat" and remixes for artists such as Lady Gaga.

Late 2011 also saw the release of his debut album "Spitfire" as the first release on Skrillex's label OWSLA. Once again topping the charts off with this, Porter launched a tour right after his High School graduation alongside other members of the label.

Soon after this the world heard his single "Language" for the first time. Language was a stab at a newer, more melodic style of music. This was something Porter wanted more of at the time, tiring out from his 128 BPM dancefloor tracks, and wanting to move to making music with more emotion, and that's just what he did.

For well over two years Porter worked on a new concept, an album titled "Worlds". Porter explained to his fans that he would be taking a break from production for a little bit to work on some new ideas, but still continued to play shows for most of the time. Worlds was a work in progress for quite some time, as he wanted to make the album as close to perfection as possible. Then, in early March of 2014, we all experienced a taste of what the album was meant to be with the single "Sea of Voices". Sea of Voices was a slow, bittersweet, 64BPM song featuring vocals from Breanne Duren. This was followed by other singles such as "Lionhearted" and "Sad Machine", leading up to the eventual release of the album.

Worlds was released in early August, and was accepted by fans with open arms, taking in the artist's completely different style. Shortly after, a tour was announced for the album, and set sail months after. The live show featured exclusive live versions of all songs, old and new, that could only be heard at the concerts. Since then there has been remakes made by fans who witnessed the concerts. Worlds Tour saw itself travel across the globe, with stunning visuals to match the story of the album, and Porter himself playing live alongside the songs with instruments and vocals, instead of the traditional DJ set. Porter quotes that this tour is one of the things he is the most proud of, and certainly has a right to be. Porter since then has focused on releasing music relative to his new style, and continues to take the Worlds Tour to different places even now. Needless to say, it's been one long journey and we still haven't seen the end yet.

Porter Robinson on Twitter
Porter Robinson on Facebook
Porter Robinson on SoundCloud

by @losi

Nvidia Gtx 950 Launched!
pcper.com Wrote:The mainstream end of the graphics card market is about to get a bit more complicated with today's introduction of the GeForce GTX 950. Based on a slightly cut down GM206 chip, the same used in the GeForce GTX 960 that was released almost 8 months ago, the new GTX 950 will fill a gap in the product stack for NVIDIA, resting right at $160-170 MSRP. Until today that next-down spot from the GTX 960 was filled by the GeForce GTX 750 Ti, the very first iteration of Maxwell (we usually call it Maxwell 1) that came out in February of 2014!

Even though that is a long time to go without refreshing the GTX x50 part of the lineup, NVIDIA was likely hesitant to do so based on the overwhelming success of the GM107 for mainstream gaming. It was low cost, incredibly efficient and didn't require any external power to run.


Heyyy. Another 900 series graphics card. Except it's in an awkward situation. It's basically an underpowered 960 (same 2gb GDDR5 and 128 bit bus). I really have no idea why the 950 was even launched. The 960 hits the sweet spot for MOBA players and casual gamer.

GameFly brings game streaming to Samsung smart TVs
engadget.com Wrote:Is it still soon for video game streaming services? Maybe. OnLive is gone and PlayStation Now has had a rocky launch, making GameFly's entrance all the more surprising. After launching on Amazon's Fire TV, the game rental company is bringing its new “Gamefly Streaming" service to Samsung smart TVs in the US, Canada and eight new European markets. It means that with nothing but a controller and a stellar internet connection, you can turn on your TV and play some "AAA" console games. GameFly is pitching it as a “Netflix of Games" but the pricing model isn't quite that simple. Instead of a single fee, you'll have to choose one of its monthly bundles that come with a small smattering of pre-selected titles. The other problem is that, like many of its rivals, the games on offer aren't particularly fresh. To name but a few, there's Sleeping Dogs, Dirt 3 and Batman: Arkham Origins -- all good games, but nothing that'll be vying for Game of the Year 2015.


Looks like Gamefly has hooked up with the company Samsung to integrate game streaming into their Smart TVs. I think this is a very smart decision for the smaller company to get their name out to more consumers and causal gamers. I personally have never used any game streaming program, but this looks promising.

Huawei's Honor 7i has just one flipping camera
engadget.com Wrote:Even though Huawei is just two weeks away from its IFA launch event, it couldn't help but push out another eccentric device beforehand. In Beijing today, the company unveiled the Honor 7i which, like the Oppo N series has a camera that can flip around for some quality selfies. The imager in question has a 13-megapixel resolution, an f/2.0 aperture, a 28mm wide-angle lens and dual-tone LED flash, so not bad on paper. Better yet, the Honor 7i can utilize the screen to brighten your selfies in the dark. There's also a fingerprint reader located on the left side of the mid-frame, and it doubles as a camera button for some easy left-handed selfies.


This looks freakin amazing. I'd recommend clicking the source link just to see the picture. The camera actually can flip from the back to the front of the phone! My main concern is about all the dumbass customers that will accidentally drop the phone and crack the camera right out of the phone. You know some will do it.

Samsung Enters the HBM Market in 2016
wccftech.com Wrote:The Radeon R9 Fury X debuted with 4 GB of HBM memory which was arranged in layers of four die stacks, each of which was 4-stacks high and each die had 1 GB of VRAM. Each HBM stack had a 1024-bit wide bus while the whole thing had a large 4096-bit wide bus that was clocked at 500 MHz (1.0 GHz effective) clock to deliver 512 GB/s memory bandwidth. The bandwidth improvement�for HBM is quite huge even though the difference in performance between GDDR5 and HBM (at the moment) is quite low since high-end graphics cards have large pools of bandwidth already available to them that isn't being utilized to full extent. We saw some benchmarks of the Radeon R9 Fury X with its HBM overclocked to pump out 1 TB/s bandwidth but the overclocker reported not much benefit from the HBM overclock, the graphics chip on the other hand when overclocked featured a greater impact on performance. HPC applications that use HBM will show the actual advantage when several Terabytes of bandwidth gets effectively utilized to power intense workloads and graphics demand.


This is cool as hell. Samsung is a kickass company that knows a lot about storage. I've got a drive of theirs in my pc. I'm really interested in how this competition will play out with AMD. As most people know, AMD has a contract for HBM. Thankfully, this competition will benefit the community in all aspects. AMD will have to compete with Samsung, therefore lowering prices of their Fury XT cards. Samsung will have to out-compete AMD with newer technologies in their new products. It's a win-win! 

by @Senpai

We had a quiet week last week.

New changes include:
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Upcoming changes:
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weekly kitsune
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Gotta love weekly kitsune
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ya, the weekly kitsune is great. c:

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> ya, the weekly kitsune is great. c:

Not to mention the tasty qt booty on your sig ;3

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> > ya, the weekly kitsune is great. c:
> Not to mention the tasty qt booty on your sig ;3

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That kitsune... I'm gonna nosebleed.

nice one!