Let's Plays, Twitch Streams, Gaming Channels, Esports etc.

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I didn't see a thread like this yet so I figured I'd start a discussion on all the options for "gamer TV." It's no secret that gaming has conquered YouTube in recent years, with many of the top-subscribed channels being examples like PewDiePie, Vanoss Gaming, and Machinima. And those are just the big ones, there's thousands of other channels out there right now working to get their views and subscriptions up by doing what they love best: playing video games.

So what kind of gaming channels/streams do you like to watch? I'm just gonna go ahead and discuss each genre individually, feel free to add your thoughts!


Let's Plays are... Not exactly my favorite part about YouTube. It's basically just Twitch streaming that's been edited to fit into several shorter video segments, but all you're getting is someone else playing the game for you while they comment on it. This usually seems to be accompanied by spontaneous laughing/screaming, as the host doesn't have any sort of script so they just improvise everything they say or do. It's your typical PewDiePie video, but all Lets Plays seem to follow this formula. I think it would be fun to be real life friends and play games with people in these videos, but just watching them do this on screen feels like a waste of my time.


Twitch seems like a step up from Let's Play videos. It's generally the same concept as Let's Plays: A streamer plays their game while providing commentary to viewers. Twitch opens up more possibilities for interaction though, as viewers can chat live with the streamer to change the decisions he/she makes. A lot of Twitch streams can take a more serious tone as well, with less focus on being goofy and more on educating viewers at how to play the game better. (This is especially true for MOBA streams) Then you get into some really creative shit like Twitch Plays Pokemon, where the viewers all control the game together through chat commands. I'm sure Twitch will bring us even more innovative ideas in the future, so I look forward to see what is has to offer.


Going back to YouTube, this covers basically every video game channel that isn't a Let's Play channel. This is my preferred network of Youtube channels, as I feel like they provide more quality content than a simple Lets Play. Some of the more common themes seen here are video game reviews, fan theories, sneak-peek content, or just gaming discussion. Unfortunately this type of channel requires a lot more work to keep it going, while producing fewer (and shorter) videos and thus getting less attention when compared to a Lets Play series. (Game Theory did a pretty good analysis on this with one of their videos, I'll link it at the end of the post) These channels tend to be more centralized to a specific game or genre, and thus provide a more in-depth look by the experts for each game.


I think this one kind of gets ignored by most of the gaming community, as only the most hardcore fans of a game will be interested in its competitive scene. I only know a little bit about the world of esports, (mainly the titles of games that are part of this) but figured I'd add it into the thread anyway. I almost never watch professionals play a game, with the only exception being the occasional LCS game of League of Legends. I just don't play enough of other games to appreciate or understand their competitive play. Even with League, I mostly just watch it to see if I can learn anything from their gameplay. I never actually care who wins the way I would watching regular sports.

Well that's it for my intro, here's that Game Theory video about YouTube gaming and the success of Lets Plays:

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It's hard to find any good Let's Play channels out there because of the reaction facecam + screaming mold that most people are trying to fit since that's the current fad. Most of the game channels that I watch have people that at least understand the industry and/or game design in one way or another. TheSw1tcher, for example, has all of the people on that channel talking about bugs and different development phases of a game (some were testers for these games at one point). Matthewmatosis is a reviewer (who also posts long commentaries) who understands games well and is willing to provide the in-depth analysis that I usually don't see from other people.

I don't care very much for Twitch unless it's for an event (e.g. speedrunning, Twitch Plays, etc.) because I've only encountered some people that gave off an air that implied they were less than authentic.

I ignore Esports completely.
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Streams, youtube creators, vloggers, etc are essentially just people who are trying to get a group of people together on the internet.

If you know what you're doing, it's generally not that hard at all. You just have to consume your time into it and do it a shitload.

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Youtube: Cryaotic <3
Twitch: Cryaotic, Bikeman, CohhCarnage, Kiwion (Kiwo), MadMorph, and the list continues.
Esports: I follow the League of Legends scene. Mostly NA.
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Youtube-wise, I go to GeekRemix. They're hilarious and they're the good, quality lets players imo. They can sometimes impart a history lesson or make some very insightful discussions.

Twitch? Ehh... I only usually go on there if there's an osu! streamer doing something sick.

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There were a couple of 'Lets-Play' channels I used to adore that really put time into making the most of YouTube as their platform. Specifically picking certain games and putting in effort off camera to make each episode especially funny or entertaining and really showing the most from a game that you wouldn't be able to do on Twitch.

As for Twitch streams I watch a lot of them but since I stopped playing CS:GO a lot of the channels I watched have been unfollowed. Speedrunners etc. are still some of the best Twitch streamers for sure, such a great combination.

I used to adore eSports and know a ton about it but honestly it's really boring, it's incredibly corporate and the fanbase/community is very much a negative thing to contend against as opposed with speedruns where it's a community experience to watch the stream. eSports has a solid seperation between players and audience and it's pretty shitty.

Feel free to PM me if there is anything I can help with!
Also if you just want to talk I'm always available. 
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I only watch CS:GO tournaments and the annual DotA2 tournament on twitch practically. As for "let's plays" I watch Funhaus, Sark, SeaNanners and Jim & Nathan.
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I hardly ever watch Youtube videos about Let's Plays or people playing games except for dunkey review about once a month. Every now and then I'll watch a pro dota player stream and watch their twitch channel for a while, but I kind of stopped doing that completely. Now and days I only watch major Dota 2 tournaments, such as the Frankfurt one that recently ended, but that's if I have time to watch them on twitch, or I'll just watch the VOD of it on Youtube, and I've been watching every International Tournament since the second event so I always watch that every year.
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My three favorite gaming channels would have to be: AllShamNoWow, Vinesauce, and JonTron.

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Youtuber: VaatiVidya check out his lets cry videos they are really good
Twitch Tv: Cirno_Tv and I watch sdgq/adgq when it's that time of year
Esports: I don't play league of legends anymore but my friends and I still get together to watch tournaments

I never watch lets plays, I'd rather experience the game firsthand