How the fuck do people like hillary?

by Neebs

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04-24-2016, 07:26 PM
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How do people like and vote for hillary? When she talks she sounds like such a sleezy politican & panders to every fucking minority. Like I dont understand if you look at her career & how she flips and flops and how much money she has pretty much taken in legal bribery it is obscene. How can one feel inspired by this? Also the fact that she pretty much broke espionage laws with the email server and is getting away with it. But if a low level admin or engineer did that they would have been in levinworth with no trial in 2 days.  I just cannot stand her and cannot get what the appeal is. She like the quintessential mud slinging, flip floping & money hungry politican and people think thats okay?

I mean for the love of god trump isnt even like that. Personally I support Bernie Sanders but if he loses due to some superdelegate party elite bull shit. Fuck hillary she shouldnt even be in this race she should be on trial or in jail. I hate trump to but my god I may actual vote for him just to say fuck you to the democratic party and  hillary clinton. The democratic party irritates me because they claim they are progressives but they are all just shills that cater to lobbiests and elitism.

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