How i met senpai ^-^ Ch:1

by Akame

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First let me tell you guys, this will be a three part series, i can tell you before i even begin, this will break your hearts, make you happy, make you cry, and lastly will make you feel empty inside once it's done.

Note: to make this into a story format, some changes had to be made.

We go to school for no apparent reason.

Senpai is a girl.

I'm an "It"

Kaito is still a guy.

It's a love story also, for no apparent reason.

Sorry mane, but enjoy.

The cold snow filled the pleasant school grounds, almost like a scenery from heaven.

I walked along to my class with my best friend kaito, we were talking about how it had sure gotten cold lately, but that's when my attention was directed towards her! Long hair, skirt, socks! SOCKS YOU HEAR THAT? She gave me a mean look before moving on ahead, but in those brief seconds, i lost myself!

Oi, oi! Akame, what's wrong?

Snapping back to reality, kaito was there shaking me.

Oh.. my bad, let's go kaito.

I couldn't get her out of my mind, but from the looks of it she was my sempai! Her red collar told me so.

As we kept walking, i turned to kaito.

Hey, did you see that girl? The one with the white long hair?

Hmmm, are you talking about senpai?

Senpai? That's her name,.....?

I thought to myself, Sempaiiii.

Yeah, that's her name akame, why do you ask?

Oh, just wondering, we should get to class now, todays the last day after all.

He, kaito, looked at his watch, all of a sudden his face filled with fear.

Hey, akame, i have to go, catch you after class!

What could be happening to him, i thought.

As i went to walk on to class, i noticed a book on the floor titled "Sparkles" it caught my attention so i picked it up, and to my surprise, it was the same book that girl was carrying, could this be a chance to talk to her? My happiness was cut short, i heard a girls voice behind me.

T-thats mine! And you best give it to me now, or you'll regret it.

I slowly turned around meeting eye to eye with her, could you believe it? It was actually her!

I'm a shy person you know, so my face was blushed, but i managed to speak to her!

S-senpai! What's your name?

She took a deep breath.

Give me my book, you have 3 seconds.

No! I said.

Not until you tell me your name.

She looked pissed off, but smiled before saying her name to me.

Senpai is my name, my parents named me senpai, and that's all you need to know.

Oh, what a nice name, i said smiling. Your parent-- What! No, you're surely lying, what kind of name is senpai?

She was flustered upon hearing me say that.

B-baka! It's not like i wanted to be named senpai! I'm not in control of what my parents name me, j-just give me my book!

She let out a tear upon saying all that, i felt guilty....

I - I'm sorry senpai! I didn't mean to hurt you, here's your book back.

Hmph, i don't need it anymore! B-baka! You think you can get away with hurting me?

Her face was bright red, but why?

Senpai, i said i was sorry!

She smiled while still blushing and gave me a stern stare.

You'll be my slave now, and to top it off, you'll have that as a collar from now on.

A collar? (What is she talking about?)

I touched my neck and there it was, how did she? I quickly took my phone out, took a picture, and to my surprise there it was! A pink collar.

My best friend kaito quickly came running back, he had the same collar as me, but why?


I looked at senpai who stood there laughing.

He's my servant now too!

What do you mean by servant?

Those who touch my book, and their best friend are bound to me until i release the contract!

Kaito quickly grew serious, he stared at senpai!

Get this off me now!


Chapter 1 end, look forward to chapter 2 next week.

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Can confirm it happened this way.

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(04-28-2015, 08:51 PM)Senpai Wrote: 10/10

Can confirm it happened this way.

^-^ interesting fate encounter.

The gods had a say in it. 

\( > o < )/