Hiyokoi First Impression

by Shole

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10-22-2015, 10:41 PM
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This didn’t work out in the anime, simply put the anime was crap compared to the manga.


All about love and conquering shyness through talking to the probably tallest and most popular guy in the school. It’s a straight forward story about a girl who came to school a few months after it started due to some kind of accident. I freaked out a bit how the artist made the atmosphere rather happy when the mc described her accident. That was hella creepy for me. All in all it’s a story that goes from the mc laughing to the mc crying and getting back to laughing thanks to her crush who tower over her.


Hirose Yuushin– A tall and cheerful guy who has this unbelievable aura that attracts people to him. He is the love interest of Hiyori.
Nishiyama Hiyori – Tiny “chick” . She is short and well Yuushin thinks she looks like a baby chick. Probably the shyest MC of them all! (at least what I read so far).
Ritsuka – Childhood friend of Hiyori and a supporting char through out the manga, she kinda helps her out with her shyness.


Yukimaru Moe has done a great job with the art and you can really feel the happiness or confusion of the character while reading the manga. The art style is great but only fitting for a manga, the anime was just not meant to be in my opinion.

Personal Enjoyment:

Likable. I can’t say much more than that, I am really liking how the manga is and I hope that it will have some more interesting stories but who knows, you can only have a first impression after 5 chapters not the whole review.
What fascinated me most about it is the happy-good feeling about reading it. For some reason I just feel good about things when I read this.

My Rating:

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