HEVC Encoding

by rwchunk

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09-22-2015, 11:16 PM
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I recently downloaded the bluray raws of a series because I wanted it in 1080, and it is really huge. And since then I downloaded 2 more series like that for 200gb/100gb/100gb each. God, the upscale quality is horrible too, but it took weeks to dl so Im gonna do it.
I just watched Fate/Zero in AVC and then started rewatching it in HEVC, and I found the quality was same, if not, better in HEVC at about half the size. 3.5-4.5gb/AVC and 1.5-2gb/HEVC.
So i was wondering if anyone can show me the magic to it. I went through the command line manual for it and well, I dont get what a bunch of these things do or how they work.
Someone please :p my hard drive is [insert joke here].
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12-31-2015, 03:39 PM
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It's a shame no one was able to help you before, in the unlikely event it's still relevant, you ought to use ffmpeg with the x265 library instead of x265 itself, which is only equiped to deal with raw YUV or y4m (subsampled raw image formats). ffmpeg can demux and decode the audio and video then encode (or use a particular stream as is, say, if you only want to reencode the video by passing -acodec copy) it in your desired formats and mux to your desired container, makng it far more appropriate for your usage. It's extremely well documented as well so you ought to be able to find examples too, though GUI driven software such as handbrake may also be able to use x265 at this point.