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Hen Zemi
Ahh, Abnormal Physiology Seminar. As much as I would like it, there's no such seminar where I'm gonna study... oh well. Hen Zemi, because that's the original name of this anime, revolves around weird fetishes - the more abnormal, the better. And that's it. Are you interested already? Great! Because this anime exists solely for the purpose of satisfying your thirst for knowledge. And laugh all you want, I have actually had fun watching it. I find it to be extremely clever of an idea, and the way they made it happen is pure genius as well. In a way, it's similar to Seitokai Yakuindomo - they talk about sex and fetishes without actually doing anything 18+. Which is awesome.

Who's responsible for this anime? XEBEC. And they actually deserve my praise on this one. This anime isn't one bit serious, and how it looks just keeps on reminding you that. The character designs are silly, appear as though they don't have a nose, and some specific characters, like Meshiya, the professor, who visually looks like... a shark. The rest is just candy-coated generic high school scenery. And it all goes really well together. The only thing I can say ill word about in this case is the excensive censorship of the TV version. If they didn't want to show certain things, which they actually were satisfied not showing for most of the air time, they shouldn't have. It made for a few fun gags, sure, but the censorship just ruined some moments. Even if the censorship itself consisted of adding new elements in the foreground to hide the background behind.
-1 extra for character designs. Makiko a qt. And Anna. And you know, everyone there.
Graphics: 1/20

Both opening and ending were rock-ish melodies roughly 30 seconds each, that didn't drive you off, thanks to which you actually have a good time each episode. Unless, of course, you want to skip those 30 seconds extra, nobody blames you. The voice characters didn't have much of a challenge there - most of the characters were generic... maybe except a few, like Makiko, half-British deviant, or Miwako, the queen of masochism... or Hichiyasu, mysophobic eccentric. But that belongs under the characters category, right... Well, all I'm gonna say is that sound, while nothing particularly special, fit in in most cases.
Sound: 6/20

Well, as a slice of life series, this anime didn't really have a plot... which doesn't mean it deserves a 20/20. On the contrary, even without a plot, in indulged me to no end, causing to watch the whole during one night. Which isn't really that hard, since it's not even three hours long total. Well, back to my logic... This one is episodical. Which means that each episode revolves around something different, yet belonging to the same category as the rest of the anime. In this case, deviations. I had a ton of fun seeing the characters get flustered, perverted, make fun of each other... even eating and drinking (unintentionally of course) things that are not meant for it. More than that, during the show we get to see a few pairings. Nanako tries to seduce Komugi, who used to be in a relationship with Miwako (who ends up with Hoji, our professor's mentor), Makiko is in a relationship with Yesterday Taguchi (nice name by the way), even Anna Katou and Hichiyasu nearly end up together (paradoxally, the fact they don't formally end up together, is my greatest pain about this anime). Don't know them by names? Well, read on!
Plot: 3/20

The 'main character' of this anime is undoubtedly Nanako Matsutaka, a relatively normal and innocent girl, who chose this seminar... because of what exactly? Well, reasons aside, her getting flustered each episode is one dose of fun you're gonna witness. Komugi, the one she tries to seduce, is a NTR fetishist - 'he wants accidents to happen', as this anime tells you. Miwako Mizukoshi, his ex-girlfriend, is a full-fledged masochist that gets wet essentially by talking about something improper. At one point she served as a table for others to eat from - and enjoyed it. Hichiyasu Ichikawa, a punk (or so he wants others to believe), has a thing for filming others' fetishes. Anna Katou has a personality disorder, which got resolved by Hichiyasu at one point - I'll leave to you discovering how different those two personalities of hers are. Yesterday Taguchi is a regular mangaka, who's too shy to do things with his girlfriend - if she's awake, anyway. Makiko Gregory, his girlfriend, is pretty much a-okay with everything. Kenji Mashiya, the professor, is rather strict regarding his seminar - causing Nanako to fail pretty often because of her mild researches. His mentor, Yuuji Horii, is a baldie that enjoys living in a run-down house by the river for some reason. That's all there is to it. And that's why this anime is just so enjoyable to watch.
Characters: 0/20

Call me weird, I have absolutely enjoyed every moment of this show. Improper, perverted and talking about deviants - yet enjoyable as hell. It's short and ideal to cure your mind after seeing something cruel or absolutely bad. Which is why I'm rather conflicted to have this review appear in a section dedicated for bad anime. Well, nonetheless.
Enjoyment: 0/20

Total score: 10/100
Judgement: PLEASURE

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08-04-2015, 12:13 PM
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I love Hen Zemi so much. Its brand of lewd humor is more satisfying than most of Seitokai Yakuindomo.

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Well. If it's at this rating. I'll watch it. xD Thanks for piling up my 50+ anime to watch...
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(08-04-2015, 12:13 PM)Cbum Wrote: I love Hen Zemi so much. Its brand of lewd humor is more satisfying than most of Seitokai Yakuindomo.

Anything that matches Seitokai is worth watching in my book.

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