Gate: Jieitai Kanochi Something Something S2

by Eli Ayase

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02-27-2016, 09:39 AM
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Gate S2

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Good memes sweet dreams and tiny sheen tween waifus (no not really (well, possibly (fucking god dammit Sugawarataragara :ahn: )))

Making this thread for the purpose of discussion because I really wanna talk about that episode 8. But fuck it, I'll try to talk about the other episodes too. Use spoiler tags if you're talking about an episode, or don't if you wanna be a nobhead or aren't actually talking about episodes, but the lore behind the story instead.


Honestly I really didn't expect to see what I did. Like, i was hinted like CRAZY that lolicon was gonna be a thing, given Rori and all. But the characters had boundaries. I mean, they are military and in the front line (least, if you're Itami). In any case, there was a clear boundary that were never crossed when it came to lewd Rori. They wouldn't let it go past wishful ships. That's how it was in Season 1, and how it was for every single episode except for this one.
So. What the fuck Sugawara? Fukken, I wanted to believe that he was just saying that because she was in danger of being killed or whatever, but BRAH. He didn't say anything. Didn't deny SHIT. He legit became an open lolicon like what the hell SHE'S 12 AND IT'S NOT EVEN LOLI IN YOUR UNIVERSE. Like shit, man. The dude could've negotiated his way to any pussy and he turns to a 12 year old.
Wtf yo

As for the rest of the episodes, it was what I expected for this type of anime, really. Stupid, "watch it because you have nothing else to watch," type of thing.
As of episode 8:
6/10 - Loli isn't a crime if they're a billion years old like Rori, but if she be 12  :steve:


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You can call this 'Drunk Should You Watch' even though it's not written while under the influence of alcohol, just bad anime.