GATE: 2nd Season premiere date announced

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Broadcast details have been revealed for the second season of the TV anime Gate: Jieitai Kano Chi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri. The anime will premiere on Tokyo MX on Jan. 8, 2016 before being broadcast on stations Japan-wide. A new key visual and information on the theme song have been posted as well. With a character popularity poll also underway, there is huge excitement for the second season.
The second season of Gate will premiere on Tokyo MX on Jan. 8. After that, it will be broadcast on TV Aichi on Jan. 9, MBS on Jan. 12, AT-X on Jan. 13, BS11 on Jan. 15, and Channel Neco on Jan. 29.
The new key visual shows the main characters together with a focus on protagonist Yoji Itami. The visual gives an impression of tumultuous developments to come, with a heroic Yoji holding a 100-millimeter LAM at the ready.
Information on the new theme song has also been released. Continuing from season 1, the opening theme is being handled by Kishida Kyoudan & the Akeboshi Rockets. The new opening theme “Gate II - Sekai o Koete” is definitely a must-hear song. Similarly to season 1 as well, the ending theme will once again be sung by heroine unit Tuka & Lelei & Rory. This song’s title is still unknown, so keep it here for more information to come.
Each of the songs will be released as a single on Jan. 27. There will be three versions available for each: an artist disc, anime disc, and regular disc for the opening song; and a Tuka disc, Lelei disc, and Rory disc for the ending song.
A character popularity poll is also now ongoing on the official site. A specially drawn illustration will be created for the character who places in first. Currently in first place is Rory Mercury followed by Lelei La Rellena. The poll will be open until Jan. 8.
In other news, the volume 4 Blu-ray and DVD will be released on Dec. 23. These will include as first time bonuses a specially written short story by series author Takumi Yanai and an original audio drama.

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The cover looks really great! I can't wait to start watching this epic anime.