Full Dozer Review

by Shole

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12-03-2015, 09:49 PM
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Full Dozer ended way more different than I would ever imagined.


The start was the usual  story about a boy trying to make a girl notice him, where he would follow her into the showbiz and try to show her how brilliant he is. To make it short a cliche of romance mangas, overused with both male and female characters. Is it worth it reading?
Yes it is! The brilliance of this manga comes when the plot changes a bit, yes indeed the ending was really rushed, I can’t blame you if you dislike the manga for that, but that’s how it is.

So the plot twist is the best thing in this manga, I will not say what happens because that would spoil everything.


Character development in this manga is really rushed as the whole story and it shows how people can change under the influence of love and the people around them. Of course the biggest focus of the manga is on the romance so the character development isn’t ideal nor something to be praised.
But the characters are really interesting and their ways are different than the cliche manga you come across to, this is why I felt in love with the characters and was really into reading this manga. It should have been longer. And this is the most important fact, that you connect with the whole story through the characters.


Komura Ayumi has an amazing drawing style and I love how he draws the eyes. To be frank I got hooked first through seeing an image of the main female character and that just got to me. I am checking out her other works so read on as I will post a few more first impressions and reviews.

Personal Enjoyment:

All in all it was a really positive read and I enjoyed every second of it. Indeed it was lacking a lot due to it’s rushed ending, but as far as I know the Ayumi(the artist) wanted to work on her other ongoing mangas and just rushed this one a bit.
Would recommend it to romance manga lovers who love a interesting plot twist.

My Rating:

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