Fansubs: hardsubs and weighty files still exist

by FakerFaux

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09-27-2015, 02:46 PM
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A mini rant...
Is really an annoying trend that in this age and with so many free tools available some people still make hard subbed videos and files of gargantuan sizes. I understand that fansub is a hobby (to some people) and that is truly bothersome to compress a single video with various quality specifications BUT to a fansub that try to bring something of good quality is something of amateurs presenting a Hardsubbed video with a 1gb of size video.  
About raws..
I understand that raw animes have big sizes because the japanese just record the episode in hight quality and upload the file to Share/Winny/Perfect Dark/Utatane/Online storage service/torrent,etc ,he (or she) will not bother with the compression of the file. Is a high risk to upload illegal files in japan so we should be grateful for the risk that the person is taking. My problem is that the Fansub group looks like that don't know how to compress a video file or dont know of the existence of the HEVC compression technology. Even Chinese raws and fansubbers were experts in compression using the available Divx, Xvid, Windows media, etc technology in the past, the chinese raws/fansub are still the top notch out there, just see the legacy of quality of CASO, Sumisora, FLsnow.. 
About the subs..
This hobby attract many kind of people but the most prevalent ones are the attention seekers. Fansubs that only live of the flattery of idiots that don't know of the existence of good fansubbers. Take for example Anime forever (a4e), they like to put a disgusting logo in the videos all the time (hardsubbed of course) because they are afraid that somebody will use their poorly encoded videos. Another "example" of this practice is Chihiro, he do soft subbed videos BUT he hardsubbed the signs on the video... is one of the worst fansubs out there (with a4e of course).
I understand that in the past there was not a way to do soft subbed videos BUT when the technology was available the Chinese used OGM , Suprip (the .srt archives) and the standard of now: Matroska, so why still exist so many awful fansub groups?
About the fansub scene... a requiem for the Latin fansubbers
Is mesmerizing how deep they fall, they never were a example of quality to begin with because many of them Hardsub their releases and are truly afraid that their awful subs might be stolen but the truth is that the majority of them don't know anything of japanese, just the usual words like Kawaii, Hentai and Baka. One of the pioneers of bad fansubs was Anime Underground a group from Spain characterized by their poor translation and hardsubbed awful fonts. This group was a bad influence in the Latin american Fansubbers, the stupid name abbreviations (KKF, JRF, ETC), the hardsubbed poorly translated subs, the nonexistent quality compression and the most important key: translating from english to spanish (poorly of course). I feel sorry for the people that like anime in latinland and don't know english because their alternative to watch anime and understand it is to download from the hardsubbers amateurs or learning a language so hard to master as the japanese.

Do you like hardsubbed animes with big file sizes?
What do you think of the fansub scene?
Best fansubs and raw providers?
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09-27-2015, 05:32 PM
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> Take for example Anime forever (a4e), they like to put a disgusting logo in the videos
> all the time (hardsubbed of course) because they are afraid that somebody will use
> their poorly encoded videos.

This is just trashy. They care more about being known than doing quality subs.

Anyways, do I like hardsubs? Hell no, if I were try'na make an AMV or something, that shit ain't gonna help jack shit. Big file sizes especially, I need to conserve as much drive space as I can or else I'm gonna be drowning in slow mo.

The fansub is quickly dying out fast, now that the bigger sub groups are translating faster (and sometimes worse.) I don't particularly have a group in mind when it comes to best fansubs and raw providers.

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09-27-2015, 09:16 PM
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I sometimes see shit in fansubs that just makes me shake my head, but I mostly just appreciate the fact that some poor bastard sat and translated stuff on their free time.
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09-28-2015, 02:46 AM
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As far as I know about the Latin American fansub scene, most of the time they take scripts from English subs and dub them into Spanish, which is part of the reason for the low quality. Also this isn't just part of the fansub scene, the dialogue in the Spanish dub of Resurrection of F felt stilted in comparison to the English dub.
Also I feel as if though part of the reason for the watermarks is that unlike in the U.S., selling funsubbed anime is more common in Latin America (or at the very least Mexico).

In regards to the English fansub scene; it's dying rapidly mostly because fansubbers would rather get paid by crunchyroll/funi/whatever than doing it for free, as any sane person would. Because of this you can probably count the number of remaining groups on your fingers, and even then they tend to share most of their members between each other. This in turn means that there's not that many fansubbers left, and as such most of the time they just edit crunchyroll/funi/etc. scripts, rather than translate.
For the most part this means that we get more animes subbed per season than we previously did. However because no one is actually subbing anymore, it means that if a series doesn't get picked up by a subscription service it probably won't get fansubbed (see Hyouge Mono; it only got subbed around a year ago even though it's from 2012). It also means that if a movie or OVA comes out without English subs in the blu-ray, it probably won't get subbed unless it's popular.
However while funsub groups aren't as active as they were, you'll occasionally get anonymous fansubbers, like with Lupin III.

tl;dr: If an anime doesn't get picked up and it doesn't have a huge fanbase it probably will go unsubbed for a while.
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09-28-2015, 02:53 AM
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I'm honestly crying on the inside, thank god AnimeBytes bans that kind of shit on-sight.

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