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Hey every cutie,

I kind of made a long post to go with @Mimi's LoL and Dota review thread, but then it got deleted or something :<
So I'll just post what I typed out here:

Alright, I'll shed a little more light on Dota 2 since I'm pretty biased towards the game.  I've been playing it for around ~3-4 years now I got a beta invite a little after TI 1, unfortunately I don't really play LoL and wasn't a fan when I tried it so I can't really do the same.

Currently Dota 2 is on the Source 2 Engine since Valve pushed it over from Source 1 which caused a lot of issues and bugs, but they are ironing out all the small issues and still constantly working on it.

Dota 2: Reborn is an MOBA or ARTS that allows the user to control a hero and work together with four allies to defeat the enemy's Ancient.  That's the main objective and could be done through various strategies such as:  Pushing Lineup, Aggressive Trilaning, Split Pushing, 4 Defend 1, etc.  The roles for each hero are pretty flexible allowing them to play in various positions or try different lanes on the map, but to determine which hero gets priority over farm they rate each hero by numbers:

5 - Hard Support, usually buys wards and courier.

4 - Roaming Support/Jungle, helps with wards but usually gets smokes, early boots and helps other lanes out.

3 - Offlaner, usually solo and just needs levels to do a good job.

2 - Mid Player, usually gets jungle or ancient farm as well.

1 - Main Carry, gets safelane with a carry.

However in Public Games this formula is usually thrown out the window as people lane themselves in a 2 - 1 - 2 set up (2 heroes offlane, 1 middle, and 2 safelane) and could vary on various things.

An example of flexibility of roles is within the following game: Secret vs EG | UB Finals Game 3 | Frankfurt Major.  Team Secret drafts Tiny who is usually played as a mid hero with the support of Io or as a safelane carry, but instead they use him as a 5 position support to help their Mid Laner, Windranger, by pulling their mid creep wave into the jungle and denying experience and gold from the enemy team's mid player, Ember Spirit.

The meta is constantly changing with every major patch and balance patch that comes out causing the game to remain fresh and never stagnant for too long. Currently it has over 100 heroes to pick from which makes the game pretty difficult to balance properly without making one hero to strong in comparison to another, causing a handful of heroes to seem incredibly strong or picked often in All Pick Games.  It attempts to be pretty balanced most of the time, but there are times where some heroes could be overpowered, usually they try to patch those problems quickly or make minor changes to the hero to help out the situation.

Dota, the main game, only has 1 map and is only played on 1 map.  There are cosmetics to change the appearance of the map but the layout will be the same every time.  The entire game is balanced around the map and its mechanics, but the real variety from Dota comes in the team composition of heroes and line ups that people choose, not from the map itself.

However, if you're not a fan of the game Dota or the map, then you're in luck now!  With the Reborn update users are allowed to create their own custom maps, even though they could still use work there are still a variety of options out there along with various chat channels that could help you find people who are interested in a certain custom game.

When it comes to the community though, becareful since there can be some harsh individuals and because Dota is a team based game it allows you to have voice chat with your allies in game, but if they ever get angry at you and start screaming you're able to mute them so you can't hear them anymore, but you can't mute their pings which is still a problem in the game as well.

Dota 2 is completely free, every hero and custom game is 100% free.  People just pay for cosmetics or tickets to watch in game tournaments both are optional.  Cosmetics can usually customized the user's entire hero, map weather, music pack, announcer pack, couriers, etc.

A massive problem with the game is the learning curve and lack of support to help newbies out, but no need to fret as it's getting better.  Users are allowed to go into a demo mode, or create a lobby and start the actual Dota 2 map to try out various mechanics in the game or heroes that seem interesting.  There are various bot matches they can play by themselves or with strangers to help get a feel for working with a team, along with a few tutorials that help out with last hitting and getting the hang of certain heroes.  Even if they decide to play an actual match and lose, they could still download the replay and watch from a different user's perspective to see what went wrong and learn from their mistakes.

Yeah, so sorry I'm a Dota nerd also the font is pink cause I managed to mess everything up and it's kinda cute >.>
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11-28-2015, 11:48 PM
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Dota twoooooooooooooooooooo
Man, I play this game way too much.
Gotta agree with you on the bit about the community. The only way around it is to play with friends, which thankfully, I seem to have lots of (that play dota). And on that note, if anyone here ever wants someone to play with, I'm always looking for 5th members of my party! ;)
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Omg i deleted it because it had no views and i had messed something up starting to think i shouldn't of deleted it ><
On another side note i hate given dota 2 a higher score due to the actual game play and graphics because i love them and their super shiny and im into that.
But the game itself the community, oh boy. Ive been in some matches where people push down their mic the whole time and scream, and scream and SCREAM.
Get super pissed and start ganging up on that 1 player who accidentally died-
But the game play its self is really nice, i really enjoyed just how long they last (the games) and the characters, oh boi do they tickle my fuzz.

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11-29-2015, 03:17 AM
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Yeah, I tend to spend way more time on the game as well but I've been busy with school so I haven't been playing it as much. I wouldn't mind playing but it'll probably have to wait for Winter break before I start playing again which should be soon.

It's fine that you deleted it I just wanted to post this since I made a huge write up to the thread and didn't want to waste it. I'll play a few matches with you if you're interested or help you get the hang of the game if you're new to it, but like I said before it'll probably have to wait til Winter break for me. The community can be pretty toxic but you just have to mute the people who are bad mannered and report them for voice abuse then keep trying to play, or start playing with your friends to avoid the flamers.
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11-29-2015, 04:17 AM
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I can always be your fifth member, Thorde. <3

Well, yeah, I used to play it a lot back in the day, now the people I used to play with are on the constant decline. Nearly 2000 hours put into the game, still below 2000 MMR because reasons. And those reasons are just because I rolled the ranking back when I was still fresh at the game, got a low MMR, now each game there's either superrussians that can't play or asshats fighting constantly.

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11-29-2015, 04:29 AM
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It's okay Nanashi I never put that much value in people's MMRs it doesn't seem like that good of a ranking since it never gets recalibrated and people are just forced to deal with their old ranking, but I know someone in RL that is 700 MMR if it makes you feel any better.
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12-18-2015, 03:16 AM
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How you guys liking the update so far? (

Glad that Earth Spirit is finally in Captain's Mode, don't care much about Arc Warden, my favorite hero got nothing but buffs, decent patch overall. Hopefully pros will use different strats, tired of seeing same heroes chosen over and over again.
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12-18-2015, 05:18 AM
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Yeah, I played a few games today and it was pretty fun. OD seems like he is really good now when I played him, Arc Warden is going to be a split pusher though and probably be really annoying at it, other than that it's pretty nice to see a lot more heroes being played in games besides Ember, SF, and Gyro now people are mixing it up with the classic BF, Crit Riki.
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12-18-2015, 05:43 AM
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So far, I can tell Doom is much more viable an option now without his Level ? Death.
And jungling with Iron Talon is much easier than it was before.

What is worrying me a little about this patch is that some of the little additions were LoL-inspired, such as the Aether Lens. Next thing we know, in 7.0 Dota is remodeled completely to include AD and AP. I like how they gave some love to the casters and their spells not affected by any of the stats so far, but that can be done somehow else entirely, can't it?

Regarding the other heroes...
- as Sushi said, cleavin crittin Riki is now a thing, beware pubs.
- Pudge can now potentially hook every 4 seconds. Which means more mana regenerating items will be obligatory.
- Void is now more useful outside of Chrono. And no more immune to MKB. Which probbaly won't affect his winrate in ranked since people still have difficulties placing an useful Chrono.
- Drow's aghs upgrade sure came outta nowhere. All she needs now is an Alchemist to farm it for her.
- Bristleback buff, we can now rest in piece, most games against him will now be totally unplayable.
- Legion Commander is now a new pre-remake Poppy. Calling it. Aghs more useful than before.
- Lone Druid now has an escape mechanism. Micro is still obligatory, so we still won't see many Lone Druids in games.
- Silencer more anti fun than ever before.

Games will be way longer since everything with bash got nerfed in terms of raw damage.
No more courier spam feeding.
Iron Branch confirmed best item.