Comparison: Razer Deathadder vs Sentey Lumenata Pro

by Guts

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I've been a Razer user ever since I picked up my first mouse, my first real mouse. Beginning with an Abyssus and moving onto a Deathadder.

Razer makes some pretty bad ass mice. They're sleek and do what they're made for. Kicking ass in whatever video game you play. You have countless options with DPI, mouse acceleration, and frequency rate. You have two side buttons for your thumb and a glowing Razer emblem underneath your palm. The mouse wheel is silent and it makes these silent clicks only your finger can feel. For someone who depends on the scroll wheel when playing any kind of shooter requiring you to change your weapon on a moments notice, I require a good one. The razer deathadder also includes two side grips that are rubberized and allow long gaming hours to be completed without pain or discomfort. 

Have you ever heard of Sentey? It all started for me about one year ago when I picked up a 7.1 surround sound head set from Sentey for around $20. It's been a year and I still love this thing. The sound quality compares to a noise cancelling pair of Audiotech headphones I have. The mic has been said to be extremely clear. Really a fantastic pair of headphones. But I'm not here today talking about the quality of headphones, I'm here comparing a Razer mouse to a Sentey mouse.

The Lumenata is a bit larger than the Deathadder. Unlike the Razer, this mouse doesn't illuminate its logo, but has small led's showing from other areas, such as the left side of the mouse. The whole mouse is rubberized and has a nice expensive feeling to it. In terms of DPI, mouse acceleration, and frequency rate. Both mice are around the same. They're very comparable. I currently have both mice set to 1000 DPI, mouse acceleration to 5, and a frequency of 500hz. Unlike the deathadder, the lumenata allows you to change the x and y axis separately. This is nice if you have 2 or three monitors and dislike how your mouse seems to move much faster going up and down than left to right. This is something I noticed with my mouse when I was playing with two monitors. I ended up making it so whenever I play Osu my mouse stays only in one screen to counter this issue, but again. This is something the lumenata can do. Another great thing about the Lumenata is you have 5 profiles that are coded into the mouse itself which can cross different computers, and with only the press of one of the many buttons on the lumenata you can change those profiles at will. The deathadder can only switch profiles with their use of a software you need to download. It's a cloud based service. Did I mention this mouse has 4 more buttons than the deathadder? Two by the thumb, two below the mouse wheel, and another two on the right side. You also have a DPI switcher where you can switch your dpi on the fly. I can't really see where this can come in handy in games, but if you're modifying things in photoshop, being able to switch from 1000 dpi to 400 dpi whenever I want will make editing small and fine detail that much easier. The only plain site issue I'm currently seeing with this mouse is that the mouse wheel is squeaky and without headphones it can get annoying.

I used CSGO to compare both of these.
On terms of play ability, they seem almost identical. The mouse wheel seems much better on the Deathadder as I like to feel when I'm changing weapons rather than guessing and approximating when it's going to click on the Lumenata. I do really like the multiple buttons, I currently have been using both of the Deathadder's side buttons for mic communication in-game and in Teamspeak. It's nice to not have to press a key on your keyboard when you want to say something. I prefer press to talk, so this is the way I went. With the Lumenata, you can do the same. Two buttons in the same place as the deathadder. I haven't thought of what to use the other two on the right for yet and I probably won't be changing the two in the middle. Those two seem like they're too much of a pain to click. 

In terms of capability, the Lumenata has won that battle. Both mice can change their colors, I can't however on my deathadder as it's only the 2013 version and not the Chroma. So on terms of illumination, the Lumenata wins. On terms of gaming, In my opinion I would prefer to use the Deathadder. I need a reliable scroll wheel, the Lumenata just doesn't offer me what I need. The Lumenata wins in what I see as is a good and reliable gaming mouse. In terms of work in software such as design. Having a mouse that can keep profiles on the memory of itself rather than the use of a cloud service makes it my go to. Also being able to change the x and y values and changing the dpi from the mouse itself makes this mouse stand far above that of a Deathadder. The Lumenata wins. On terms of price, there's a pretty clear winner. A Razer Deathadder will usually go around $50-$60, where as a Sentey Lumenata sells currently for just shy of $25 on Amazon.

I originally bought the Lumenata for my Mac to do some design work on, however I wanted to see if it could replace my Deathadder. It's a great mouse and I look forward to using it more, but on terms of gaming reliability... I'm going to keep my Razer Deathadder for my Desktop. However, if you're looking for a cheap mouse that is very comparable to that of a Razer Deathadder in terms of gaming capability. The Lumenata is your choice. If you're just looking for a good mouse in general, the Lumenata also accomplishes that.

Tldr: The Deathadder may be a phenomenal gaming mouse, but in terms of everything else you could ever want a mouse to do the Lumenata comes out victorious. If it weren't for the un-reliable scroll wheel on the Lumenata, it would come out completely victorious in my opinion. The Lumenata is also less than half the price as a Deathadder.

Links to both products can be found here:


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05-27-2016, 02:58 PM
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Razer is the apple of PC gaming. nothing special or fancy about the interior of a razer product, its all Chinese factory shit inside with a FUCKLOAD of RGB and a razer logo on the outside. Their synapse 2.0 software is cancer too.

Im glad you found alternatives to razer. Im personally a steelseries and logitech fan
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05-27-2016, 03:32 PM
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I previously owned a deathadder and really suited me to play games like CS but really felt sloppy in moba games because of the extremely heavyweighted design.
Now i own a logitech g400s and it goes smoothly.

The negative point of razer is that is extremely overpriced and the materias which products are elaborated are bad. You must be extremely delicate to manipulate it.

For me, Steelseries are the best. :)

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