Big Changes

by Equinox

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08-16-2014, 09:21 PM
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TL;DR - New staff member & host changed

We've been down for a while, a few days rather. Our old host was a bit rude and decided to terminate my account because our site was getting too much traffic. I didn't even pass my 50% limit, either, so it was a bit of a brick to the face. I'd just woken up, got on lewd, and it was gone. I wasn't able to access any files or databases, so I had to go off of our most recent backup of the site.

We're now using a different host, and hopefully they won't be as rude. The rules will be refined to fitting this host soon as well.

In the brighter light of all of this, our member Senpai, who's a pretty good friend of mine, has been made an administrator. He's helped me a lot with lewd, before we switched hosts it was mainly just the theme, as the theme was a team effort. He's helped me get us a host and set everything up for this host switch.

On another note, I've been editing our theme a lot. I've changed the top links and made them dropdowns. Also, a search bar was added in the navigation in the top right. By clicking on the search bar you will be given 3 options. Well, 4. You can type up a query and search the forums, or find new posts that you haven't read and the day's new posts. Then, of course, there's the advanced search if you ever need it.

Another thing I've changed in our theme is the thread options. They will now be located in the bottom right, across from the new post button. You can find the previous thread or newest thread with the buttons on the far left and right. The buttons in-between are to (in order of appearance) subscribe to the thread, print the thread, or send it to a friend.

I won't go in depth on everything I've changed in our theme, since there is a lot, however, that's the basics of what you might need to know.

That's it for this announcement. Don't forget to congratulate @Senpai for his promotion. If you have any questions or concerns, contact me via PMs.

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08-18-2014, 09:33 PM
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There's two @Senpai on lewd now?

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