Allison Road

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Quote:Following the cancellation of Silent Hills, teaser P.T. is gone but not forgotten. And though it's doubtful it'll ever reemerge on the PlayStation Store, a U.K. studio called Lilith Ltd. could fill the hole it left in our horror-loving hearts with a new game called Allison Road.

Allison Road is a first-person game, currently in pre-alpha, where you play an unnamed protagonist waking up with no memory. It takes place in "one British townhouse. Your British townhouse."
Quote:The game's resemblance to P.T. is immediate and striking: You wake up in a house alone and confused, with your only option being to try and figure out what happened. There are clues to examine, a static-filled radio and a very creepy little girl just getting her creep on. Is she a demon girl? Does she just need a shower? Would she consider using TLC's "Creep" as her theme song instead, because the ominous background noise is not great for our stress levels?

Source (Polygon)
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It looks promising, I think I'm gonna keep an eye on it.

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Well at least P.T. didn't go to waste after all. But honestly that depends on how cliche this horror game is going to be.
The protagonist is voiced apparently, but the VA doesn't sound very polished. They could've cast for better. Or maybe better, just not have him monologue about everything at all to intensify the atmospheric effect, which is fantastic by the way. The use of noise in the background makes for a great ambience. It seems rather difficult to establish the plot-


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As someone who adored and was heartbroken by P.T., this definitely cheered me up. Definitely going to follow the project.

EDIT: Here's the Steam page for the game, currently greenlit.

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