29/07/2015 - Thread tags in the Lewd category, The Masochist's Corner subforum

by Clickbait

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07-29-2015, 08:20 AM
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Anyone browsing the Lewd General category may have noticed that every thread has a bunch of swag little word things next to the title, this is our new thread tags system, and will be used for our upcoming "hide content" area (eg. you'll be able to hide all threads tagged with 3DPD from the usercp).
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@Nanashi's The Masochist Corner thread has been turned into a sub-forum in the Writers category, check it out here.

I recommend subscribing to the sub-forum, so you don't miss any of Nanashi's great reviews.
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Woow, lewd's starting to look hot hot hot! I'll definitely be subscribing to TMC.

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