01/05/2015 - Images are now proxied.

by Melancholy

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05-01-2015, 04:21 AM
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Instead of caching all images on our server, I have opted to proxy them through a Camo server running on Heroku.

  • Is friendlier to the server - with Demi's amazing chat thread updates, the server was filling up pretty quickly.
  • Produces friendlier URLs. The URL you get when you "copy image URL" is the images actual URL, as opposed to the old way of it being some weird ass string that leads to the final destination.
The [img] tag has been replaced by a shortcode with the same name, meaning I can do much more with it without touching core code, including:
  • Re-introducing lazy loading (coming soon)
  • Running the images through a third party service (possibly coming soon)
It's very likely that the proxy will be replaced again very soon (or only used for very large images), as I want to play around with Google's WEBP format, to see if I can get Lewd running even faster.