Transplant from 4chan, lost my way and ended up here.

I'll thoroughly fill this out soon enough, but inquiring minds are more than free to ask about me directly - within reason of course.

Figure Photography

05-19-2020, 11:45 AM in Creative

I tried the search function and crawled through a few pages of threads to see if one like┬áthis existed, but there doesn't appear to be any┬...

A Very New User

06-21-2016, 06:34 AM in Introductions

Good morning, lewd users! I'm Nodoudt, and I've known about this site for some time now, but only recently decided to make an account. I'...

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RE: Your Relationship Status?

07-08-2016, 07:10 PM


RE: What Song Describes You?

07-08-2016, 07:08 PM

I'm a simple person. [video=youtube][/video]

RE: Rate the above user's avatar #2

07-08-2016, 07:03 PM

10/10 Would engage in gentlemanly things.

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