Political Compass.

06-07-2020, 09:06 AM in Serious

Everyone should take this test at this link: http://www.politicalcompass.org/ & post your results in this thread  :yay:

Arch linux questions

05-28-2016, 10:51 PM in Technology

So I have been having this issue with Arch when I try to do a update by running sudo pacman -Syu  [spoiler][img]http://i.imgur.com/TsoGq...

What the hell is wrong with employers?

05-21-2016, 10:46 AM in Serious

Why is it I can apply for a job that I am perfectly qualified for or extraqualified for and I get a email "WE ARE SORRY WE HAVE DECIDED TO C...

Watching One Piece

05-20-2016, 09:27 AM in Anime & Manga

How long will it take for me to watch all of one piece im like ep.100/735 lol its like climbing a mountain.

How the fuck do people like hillary?

04-24-2016, 07:26 PM in Serious

How do people like and vote for hillary? When she talks she sounds like such a sleezy politican & panders to every fucking minority. Like I...

Thoughts on Education

04-21-2016, 07:25 AM in Serious

Okay so this has been bugging my brain for awhile. Conservatives alot of the times especially in this current presidential race have been pr...

Something I noticed in dragon ball

04-20-2016, 09:42 PM in Anime & Manga

So while I was watching dragon ball I was on the episode were goku gets his stuff stolen by the kid and then he gets it back my calling the...

Why is Faux news trash?

04-18-2016, 03:26 AM in Serious

Can someone explain to me why is it that fox news feels it is their entire business model to spread misinformation like cancer? :noship:

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RE: Really wish I owned a Playstation right now...

06-13-2016, 06:20 PM

I really wish I wouldnt have sold my PS4. Man biggest mistake ever.

RE: Arch linux questions

05-28-2016, 10:51 PM

[quote='Hex' pid='12064' dateline='1463090342'] What did removing it throw? I'm assuming "didn't fucking work" means trying to rm the file...

RE: Arch linux questions

05-12-2016, 03:35 PM

Tried to remove it didnt fucking work. I just forced the update it was fine.

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