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Audio Porn

11-15-2020, 09:26 PM in General

Sup, lewd.sx! I'd like share a ton of audio porn. I got it yesterday and haven't listened to it yet. [url=https://mega.co.nz/#F!JlxjV...

Saving porn stash, help!

06-27-2018, 12:01 PM in General

Hi there. I save about 10 GiB of porns ablums. Each album saved into a zip. Here the list: https://hastebin.com/raw/onogufevag (1-76)...

What's your plan for this month? (Decemb...

12-20-2017, 12:23 AM in Lounge

What's are you going to do this month? Do you have plans?  Mine: [img]http://uploads.neatorama.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/vacation...

There is no menu links for Saved Drafts ...

12-06-2017, 05:32 AM in Meta

Yes, there isn't. Seriously, even on user cp: https://lewd.sx/usercp.php They only way to figure it out is by make a reply or thread then...


09-29-2017, 04:21 AM in General

ITT: Senpai (aka Clickbait) wants nudes. So, give him some. :^)

Post your favorites web-comics link

09-09-2017, 12:30 PM in Lounge

ITT: We share our favorite web-comic. Link + summary or informative description. Here are mine: [url=http://rom.ac]ROM.AC[/url] - Adventur...

What's this?

07-13-2017, 01:31 AM in Meta

This happening today. [img]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/189708228647452673/334717692277817344/2017-07-12-222805_1366x768_scrot.pn...

Search result bug.

07-28-2016, 11:15 AM in Meta

I don't know what to say. [url=https://u.pomf.io/hsknct.mp4]Watch this video and you're going to understand[/url].

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RE: Random thoughts thread

07-15-2019, 06:47 AM

I'm back. I'm not go anywhere. You would see me often on Discord. ;-; Thanks for the -- welcome, @Backlash @Kukuru!

RE: Pixiv Artist's Illustrations backup sharing.

07-08-2019, 01:31 PM

Hello~ It's been while since the my last activity on this forum. Although, I often online on Lewd's Discord server. Everyone has their ow...

RE: Saving porn stash, help!

06-27-2018, 12:01 PM

Thanks everyone!

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