Massive Girls und Panzer fan, manga reader, and a guy that tinkers with A/V and computer equipment.
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RE: Post your battlestation.

4h ago

[quote='Backlash' pid='87726' dateline='1611213089'] [quote='Erika' pid='87724' dateline='1611204752'] I got the Kraken kit and a 240mm AS...

RE: Post your battlestation.

01-20-2021, 11:52 PM

I got the Kraken kit and a 240mm ASUS AIO! Other than making the card a bit clunky to reinstall and having to dremel off some tabs on the ca...

RE: Are you an android or an IOS user?

12-29-2020, 12:24 AM

[quote='Backlash' pid='87621' dateline='1607690751'] One thing I'm rather disappointed with lately is the lack of tablets with the magical...

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