Massive Girls und Panzer fan, manga reader, and a guy that tinkers with A/V and computer equipment.
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04-01-2021, 10:46 AM

[quote='malmon' pid='87839' dateline='1617212172'] Doesn't that make sense though? Why prioritise vaccinating those who are likely to deal...


03-28-2021, 03:45 PM

We got a good laugh at work the other day. All the high level execs and managers, who have been staying at home this entire time, announced...

RE: Are you an android or an IOS user?

02-02-2021, 05:54 PM

[quote='Dontmindme' pid='87759' dateline='1612210523'] [quote='Erika' pid='87757' dateline='1612146827'] How is KurobaEX? I've been runnin...

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