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Talk about your favorite visual novels here such as Katawa Shoujo!

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Light Novel

Light novel is Japanese style novel mainly targeted for teen audiences, written in about 200 pages. They include few illustrations and have more dialogues than the narration.

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This forum is for all the fashion, accessories and cosplay of the Japanese variety

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Post your MAL/Kitsu (Pages: 12345)


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list of anime on youtube

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Let's all love Lain!

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What manga are you currently reading? (Pages: 1234)

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Favorite Anime Opening or ending (Pages: 1234)

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Dark/Melancholy Anime Artwork (Pages: 12)

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The OS-Tan thread!

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Cardcaptor Sakura!

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Favourite anime transformations

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Area 51 Meme turned into a Chan Thread

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Street Moe

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Possibility of a Repeat of KyoAni Fire in other Places in Japan Raises Alarm

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